How to give to the Lord at Cornerstone Collective?

Giving cheerfully and generously of our finances is one of the ways we at Cornerstone Collective proclaim the gospel to an unbelieving world. It is a physical display of our gratitude and confidence in Christ and His provision while moving us away from our perception of self-sufficiency.

This desire to proclaim the Gospel and honour Christ with all that we have drives us as believers to sacrifical and regular giving.

You can support the work of Cornerstone Collective and it's Churches as we look to advance the mission of God across merseyside by giving financially. This is another way in which we can worship God and build His Kingdom as we look to reach the 1.3 million people in this region that we love.

Ways to give:

[Standing Order]

Bank: HSBC

Account: Cornerstone Church

Account Number: 61631861

Sort Code: 40-29-39

Thank you for being a part of the mission that we have been called to.

For further assistance when giving please contact